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HarvFEST Vendors

Thank you for your interest in participating in our first HarvFEST at the Hector Quay Visitor's Marina on October 15th.  We have a few simple requirements for our vendors.  If you meet these requirements, we invite you to fill out the application on this page.   Any questions may be directed to

  1. The fee to participate is $25 plus HST which includes one table.  If you supply your own table(s) the fee is $20.  This is an outdoor event. If you would like to bringing a tent, it must be securely fastened to the ground.  Fees can be etransfered to

  2. Wares sold must be made, baked, or grown by the vendor.  No re-selling of products.  No second hand-items unless you are selling repurposed or up-cycled items.  Anyone wishing to sell food items must have a valid Food Handlers Permit.

  3. All displays must be clean and attractive.  

  4. The market will run from 10am to 5:00pm.  Vendors must be set up 30 minutes in advance of opening and must remain open until 3:30pm (This is to prevent disruption of other activities taking place.)

  5. Cancellation must be received 48 hours in advance for a refund.

Vendor Application
Check if you require:
Will you need to us one of our tables?
Will you be bringing a tent?
If you are selling food, do you have a Food Handler's pemit?

Thanks for submitting!

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